About Us

Millstream Distribution LLC is a company built on 40+ years of pool industry experience. Proudly USA owned & operated, we strive to design, manufacture and assemble right here in USA as well. Millstream is run out of a 150,000 square foot warehouse to provide dealers and distributors with the capacity of product they are looking for. We specialize in pumps, filters and complete pool filtration systems but we don’t stop there; we produce a variety of other products to enhance your pool experience.

Our Commitment

We strive to be your single source for everything pool related. Our goal is to make the pool owning experience as simple as possible by reducing operating and maintenance cost. In order to do that, we provide a complete line of products that ensure crystal clear water at an affordable price, along with aiming to have the maximum efficiency and quality our customers have come to expect. A pool is not just a financial investment, it is an investment in fun & memories, so why not keep it that way?